Test Engineer (medior/senior)

Job description

The daily stand-up starts at half-past eight, everyone in the team briefly tells what they did yesterday and what they will do today. As a Test Engineer, you are responsible for the technical and functional testing of the workspace, in which 125.000 people work every day. For these people, Workspace 365 is the basis of their work, so as a Test Engineer, you make sure that bugs in the web application are prevented so that people can work undisturbed.

After the stand-up, you start the day by expanding the test plan by writing new test scenarios for the latest functionalities. You have these scenarios reviewed by a colleague.

At noon you will enjoy a fresh lunch and play a game of table tennis, or you will gain new energy during a walk with colleagues.

After lunch, you start writing test automation scripts for all the new functionalities that have been developed, based on your test scenarios. You then report your test results to the Development team. You get a kick out of making test processes as efficient as possible and integrating new releases into Workspace 365 as quickly as possible.

A large part of our customers is active in the healthcare sector, partly because of you, these people have more time available to take care of patients during their workday!


  • As Test Engineer you are responsible for the preparation of test specifications, preparation of master and detailed test plans and test execution;
  • You will report your test results to the Development team, who are responsible for all the IT development within Workspace 365;
  • In your test plans/preparation, you set the standard for the entire test process set. This consists of functional testing, system testing, security testing, user acceptance testing and regression testing (automated/manual).

Workspace 365 started in 2010 as a startup but has outgrown this status. With an ambitious team, we develop the fastest growing digital workplace, Workspace 365. With a global partner network consisting of MSPs, we ensure that thousands of people work more easily. With a growth ambition of one million users within 4 years, Workspace 365 wants to expand the team with enthusiastic colleagues who want to contribute to Workspace 365 with their own expertise.


Why you would fit our team

  • A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or an equivalent study;
  •  You can analyse risks well and recognise opportunities in testing, launching and using software;
  •  You are ambitious and accurate; you can easily focus on the end-user and you will test our software in all areas: technical and functional;
  •  You have knowledge of Automation Frameworks;
  •  You have experience with regression testing of responsive Cloud applications;
  • You have experience with Test Automation Tools and Performance Testing;
  • You have experience in automating testing of Cloud applications;
    • Security Testing is a plus;
    • Good command of the English language (speech and writing); 
    • Available for 32 to 40 hours per week.

Tools we use

  •  AzureDevOps; 
  •   Visual Studio; 
  •   git; 
  •  NUnit;
  •  Fly;
  •  Cake; 
  •  TeamCity.

What we do

  • Daily stand-up; 
  •  Sprints of 3 weeks; 
  •  Weekly refinement sessions; 
  •  Kanban board to visualise sprint progress;
  • Continuous integration;
  •  Deployment automation; 
  •  Release candidate team testing; 
  •  Definition of Done: Unit testing, Pull requests, Code review, Human QA.

What makes it extra fun to work with us

  • Great working atmosphere, extensive lunch, games of table tennis and Friday afternoon drinks; 
  •  No managers but joint consultation to determine priorities; 
  •  Thinking together about features and determining how many hours they’ll take to create; 
  •  An enthusiastic team with intelligent, funny and driven colleagues; 
  •  An educational environment in which a lot of feedback is given and expected;
  •  An independent position with a lot of room for personal input and creativity; 
  •  A good salary depending on age and experience with flexible working hours;
  •  Many career opportunities that you create yourself; 
  •  25 vacation days if you come back with great stories.

Do our organisation and Workspace 365 appeal to you?

Then we look forward to your application!

For more information about Workspace 365 and the vacancy, visit our website: jobs.workspace365.net, email to work@workspace365.net, or contact Sabine or Jamy on telephone number 030 711 67 25.